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Tracy Sharuga, HHP, Dip of Phyto

Tracy is a Phytotherapist (Medical Herbalist) devoted to improving the health and wellbeing of human beings with the use of Plant Medicine.

I believe strongly in the uniqueness of the individual. I seek to harmonize the complexities of people in their health and healing with the complexities of plant medicine and with this provide outcomes of increased health and wellness.

I believe in the importance of the consultation process to properly access the state of the person and discover any deeper issues that may exist. This process not only provides the information necessary for me to determine the correct plant medicine to be effective for the individual but also provides the support that I feel is essential to the healing process.

My Journey

My journey began as a young girl sitting on hay bales, playing in the grass, and eating vegetables straight from the garden with the dirt still attached and singing to trees with the garden hose. I did not realize then that these plant spirits would one day call me back again but would ask me to help others to heal.

After pursuing other careers but feeling that there was something else, I came upon a program to study Holistic Health at Grant MacEwan University and knew that it was the path that I needed to follow.  In this program I studied teaching and counseling, nutrition, touch for health and acupressure but was immediately drawn to Herbology. I was extremely fortunate to have had Professor, Clinical Herbalist, Fungi Master and author of over 60 books, Robert Rogers to guide my learning. It was his teaching that inspired me to change my life and attend a 10 week Permaculture internship program in Oregon and from there my love for plants grew and I began to comprehend that herbs were important for healing and worked in complex ways that I didn’t quite understand. After completing the program and living in China for a year I returned knowing that I needed to learn more and decided to place my focus on the study of  people, plants and how they can be used as medicine for healing. I then attended Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC where I spent 3.5 years immersed in learning the physiological and psychological aspects of people, Plant medicine and how to use them correctly for healing.

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